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The picosecond laser is a laser with a pulse width of picosecond.
It has ultra-short pulse width of picosecond,
adjustable repetition frequency and high pulse energy.
It has been widely used in biomedical,
optical parametric oscillation, biomicroscopy and other fields,
and has gradually become a modern biological imaging and analysis system.
An increasingly important tool.
The picosecond laser refers to the picosecond honeycomb laser,
which is what we call laser cleansing!
This uses a 755-wavelength laser with a honeycomb transient lens to focus 70% of the laser energy.
Each laser light provides 10% of the skin's high-efficiency shock wave, shattering the melanocytes of the epidermis
and transmitting the shock wave to the deep dermis layer stimulates the collagen fiber network,
promotes the renewal and proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, accelerates the metabolism of the skin,
accelerates the metabolism of melanin,
and solves the problem of deep pigmentation from the root.
It should be noted that how much collagen can be activated by the picosecond laser in the dermis layer,
depending on how much collagen is contained in your dermis collagen fiber web,
which is called the dermal layer collagen fiber net fullness.
Only the dermal layer of collagen is filled to make the picosecond laser better.
yag pico laser
The remarkable progress made by picosecond laser technology has made it a reliable tool for industrial micromachining,
which was previously impossible with other methods.
The picosecond pulse width can be compared to the electro-optic relaxation time and is short enough to "cold" ablate the material.
Picosecond lasers have many advantages over femtosecond lasers with shorter pulse widths.
Since there is no need to broaden and compress pulses for amplification, picosecond lasers are less complex to design and therefore more cost effective and more reliable.
At the same time, the picosecond pulse is still short enough to handle very precise and stress-free micromachining.