What is the 5D sculpture mask, what is the function

The 5D sculpture mask with the function.

5D is a spatial dimension, which is a more stereoscopic perception of the spatial structure.
The 5D mask is based on the spatial dimension to construct the model.
This allows the face to experience the spatial dimension during the treatment process,
fully sensing the accuracy of the treatment.
5D sculpture mask
5D sculpture mask is also very easy for the operator to operate.
In the first step, the mask is cut into the corresponding shape.
In the second step, each face mask is stained with pure water for facial treatment.
The third step is to close the skin from bottom to top and make the skin tense.
The fourth step, after the entire facial manipulation is done, wait 15 to 20 minutes.
Finally, when uncovering the mask, pay attention to the hand to block the customer's eyes.
it can avoid strong light betewen create contrast, and thus cause damage to the eyes.

What is the role of the 5D sculpture mask?
Lifting the skin: The operator uses skilled techniques to lift the face.
This is a comprehensive lifting of the loose skin, which calms the skin and lifts it quickly.
Shrinking pores: 5D mask essence powder,
which plays an effective role in shrinking the large pores of the facial skin.
This is because it completely covers the skin in the form of powder and blocks the contact with the air.
Sexual treatment of skin pores.
Whitening and Rejuvenation: The 5D mask has a whitening growth factor.
There is too much melanin in the skin of the face, and the mask will react with it.
Thereby blocking melanin growth, the metabolic melanin is excreted by phagocytic cells.

This 5D mask is a temporary blocking air that provides a full range of treatments for facial skin.
Allow the ingredients of the mask to be more fully absorbed by the skin.
The entire face forms a model of the spatial structure.
This is the most useful way to lift your face and lift your face completely.
Of course, the corresponding treatment of the pores plays a role in contraction.