What is the EMS Nanocrystallite machine K87

The EMS Nanocrystallite machine.
Painless, non-invasive, no bleeding, immediate effect, instant recovery.
it widely used in cell growth, removing acne, removing wrinkles,
whitening and rejuvenating, moisturizing and so on.

Nanocrystalline nanochips are a breakthrough in the advancement of  IT
and materials science in the field of transdermal serum delivery.
Nanocrystalline nanochips are micro-carved
by high-purity single crystal silicon through nano-micromachining technology.
The tip contact is less than 80 nanometers and the tip height is 80-300 micrometers.
Under the condition of not damaging the skin dermis and ensuring skin integrity,
Penetrating the skin's most "tough" surface absorbs the barrier stratum corneum,
safely and non-invasively, quickly opens the skin's permeation channel,
allowing nutrients to reach the deeper layers of the skin, increasing its absorption by 10-20 times.

(1) Small, strong permeability
Nanocrystalline high-efficiency nano-seepage tablets:
The nano-microchip wafer head is only one-thousandth of the size of the hair,
100 times smaller than the skin gap, and the diameter is only 100 nanometers.
(2) Efficient and seamless
3 seconds to clear the pores of the skin, the entire face treatment can be completed in 15 minutes,
and the pores close after 20 minutes.
(3) Activate regeneration
High-tech physical osmosis:
the use of nano-picked spots of high-purity single-crystal
silicon wafers penetrates the stratum corneum of the human epidermis,
opening hundreds of drug delivery channels in the skin of a few square millimeters.
The Nanocrystallite machine with structural features:
The high-purity single crystal silicon wafer is non-metallic,
lead-free and mercury-free, and harder than hard.
The pores in the skin are nanoscale, invisible to the naked eye,
and the diameter is one thousandth of the hair and the number is accurate.

Nanocrystallite Principle of action:
Does not hurt the dermis, only open a large number of microchannels on the stratum corneum,
improve the absorption efficiency of beauty nutrients more than 10 times.

The working principle of Nanocrystallites is to use extremely fine needles to apply a stable
and fast frequency under the energization condition,
and to penetrate the barrier layer (cuticle layer) of the human skin surface,
and open hundreds of skins in the area of ​​several square millimeters.
The serum channel enhances the transdermal permeability of the serum.
This will allow the serum to quickly absorb the effects,
while allowing the serum to be balanced and slowly released.
Nano-microneedles are nanochips.

Traditional micro-needle is relatively long, easy to infect, bleeding, pain,
and the supporting products are generally single.
Nano-microcrystalline microneedles are very different from traditional microneedles,
and the contact head is covered with nano-scale microneedles that are much thinner than the hair.
As long as a small wafer covered with microneedles is attached to the skin,
the microneedles can penetrate the cuticle of the epidermis that acts as a barrier to the serum,
and the patch filled with the serum is applied, and the agent slowly penetrates into the epidermis,
administered quantitatively and continuously.
And it has achieved a painless, non-invasive serum delivery effect.