Portable Electric Derma Pen easy help injection absorb skin care liquid

Electric Derma Pen can be used at home ,cosmetics market promotion, brand counters, join in distribution, beauty salon, etc. 

Customized your logo and color in the pen to promote Ad.

Electric Derma Pen Needle tips are disposable. It is safe to share hand piece with other patient.

It is economical, you just need to replace the needle tips afer every treatment.
The needle tips are inserted to your skin at a perpendicularly, pain is minnmized.
Needle length is adjustable to different sizes denpends on the areas or the purpose
of the teatment, so that you can apply to different areas of body.






Round Nano needle,

5D Nano needle.
ha repair mask

Technical advantages

1. Water light skin = hyaluronic acid + N kinds of beauty options.
2. Import beauty materials, with security for the beautiful escort.
3. non-surgical, traumatic small, fast and convenient, that is to do that go.
4. Replenish the water effectively replenish the cheeks, lips, neck, chest, back and other necessary water.
5. For freckles, dark circles, acne, small pores, improve skin inflammation.
6. enhance the compact, improve eye wrinkles, enhance the sagging face, neck

Combination product: skin repair mask,5D lifting mask,Pigmentation remove microneedling beauty serum etc.

After treatment in a short period ,skin need to apply professional products to repair.

So we recommend these products combination to reach
skin to calm down function, relieve repair skin promote,anti-swell,whitening.

Electric Derma Pen

Ready before operation:
1. Ask the customer to fully remove the makeup and ensure that the face is clean .
2. Determine the treatment site, take pictures before treatment.
3. Make sure that the customer has removed all metal items and that there
is no metal in direct contact with the customer.
4. Handle the accessories and beautician's hands with saline.
5. beautician operation must wear a mask, disposable gloves, hair up to operate.
6. Prepare special guide products.
7. Apply before the application of water mask.
8. Physiological saline disinfection facial operation area.

Thinking of your request, customized service is available. Come and wholesale our bulk electric derma pen in stock.