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The Plasma pen K85, there are two modes: Automatic mode and Manual mode.Auto mode: select in the execution screen.
LEVEL, PULSE, automatically press the fire button.
Each treatment lasts for 25 seconds.
(It means that operator only need to press the fire button once.
each treatment lasts for 25 seconds)Manual mode: select in the execution screen.
LEVEL, PULSE, press the fire button to work.
Sparks, when operator release the button, it will stop working.
When operator keep pressing the button, it will continue to work, this is also maintained for 25 seconds.
(Whether it is a long press or a manual press. This means operator need to hold down the button to work.)

Plasma pen

plasma pen

Why is the time for each hold 25 seconds? ?
The first point: according to the principles of physics.
When the machine is powered on, it starts to work when sparking.
In a state where the voltage is stable, the machine can operate for 25 seconds each time for a short time.
This is strictly detected based on voltage, current, and power.
The machine will automatically disconnect the resistor fuse after 25 seconds.
In this way, the machine can dissipate heat quickly during a short rest period, which is a kind of self-protection to the machine itself.
This function can effectively protect the circuit board of the whole machine and extend the life of the machine.
The second point: according to biological principles.
When human cells are treated, there are various rejection reactions.
When treated for more than 25 seconds, the skin cells receive too much heat to heal quickly.

Of course, it is better for 25 seconds function between Auto and Manual mode.