PDT jet peel machine 6 in 1 function

PDT jet peel using high level biolight instead of traditional LED light to do skin rejuvenation. PDT jet peel is very cool.Machine offer 3 original color light and 7 group color light for whole skin treatment. Below 6 function could work together or seperatly at the same time. If we have enough beautician could work for different clients at the same time.Previous portable machine more pretent one machine one function because mostly machine inside only one motor. However below funcction only jet peel with motor, other treatment could come ture by PCB setting and technique installation. Jet peel K94 is the best quality and function PTD machine in latest years.

PDT jet peel machine 6 in 1 function

PDT jet peel machine

Before beauty machine care or other treatment, cleaning the dead skin first by scubber.


It is dry dermabrassion do not come with liquid flow like little bubble machine, different scrub level head for different level acne skin treatment.  There is a small cotton between handle and machine pipe so that avoid liquid or any dirty come to skin.

Jet peel & Ozone

For seborrheic dermatitis treatment, pores swell treatment, hydrating and facial cleaning. Depending on different liquid use could do skin sterilizing. Pipe is comsumable.


Radio Frequency for skin tighten and lifhting, there are three heads for different location. Eye around, facial and body skin all could be used. In previous many years RF has been comfirm as one of safety and effective anti aging technique. Focus heating on skin dermis even SMAS level could promote collagen fiber rebuild so that set up new stucture and arrive firming improvement.


Red light 650nm, promote cells regeneration so that help for wound recover.
Yellow light 510nm could anti-swell and redness, calm skin down and fix damage skin.
Blue light 460nm clean acetic acid bacteria and clean acne.


High voltage and small electronic push rffective acid arrive skin dermis directly, could prote collagen fiber produce. if provide group acid tehh absorb effect could almost 6000 times provide becuase the acid attend cells reproduction and differentiation, completely repair skin.
Ozone using water to get Ozone and apply to skin by jet peel function to do skin sterilizing.