Some of the main features of the K85 Beierplasm pen

K85 Beierplasm pen with copper needle, which is the consumable is autoclaved.
And then each needle is individually packaged.
The operator should use it only once for one customer,
which is very safe for treatment skin.
Copper needles are common and the most convenient to treat.
It can mainly remove skin spots, remove wrinkles, lift skin and so on.

The area where the Beierplasma pen can be treatment:
Spider veins, Skin tags, eye bag, Stretch marks,
Eyelid tightening, Cheek tightening, Neck tightening,
Tummy tightening, Upper lip tightening, Brow Lifts,
Neck Lift, Lower Face Lift, Crows Feet,
Lipstick Lines, Nasolabial Folds, Wrinkles,
Acne Scarring, Stretch Marks, Benign Lesions,
Hyper-Pigmentation, Age Spots, Sun Damage,
Ear Lobe Rejuvenation Chin,  Jowl,
Tear Trough,Lower Eye lid Wrinkles.
K85 Beierplasm pen
verruca vulgaris, senile warts, flat wart,
contagious soft wart, verrucous nevus,
sebaceous nevus, granuloma, millet papules,
eyelid xanthoma, leather fat, all kinds of pigmented nevus.

When the cooper needle is working,
the skin is instantly carbonized. There won't be any blood.
The wound diameter of the skin is also very small.
This is also the reason for the rapid healing.

After receiving high temperature and converting it into energy,
it concentrates on the needle at a point to treat the skin.
Various frequencies of K85 Beierplasm pen are suitable for adjustment,
and accurate treatment can be made in a targeted manner.