Is it possible to do private label and brand logo in Skin Analyzer

Is it possible to do private label and brand logo in Skin Analyzer

Answer: Sure, Skin Analyzer 100% according your requirement to OEM .Of course,we are factory full of experience engineer,designer ,saler ect to help you to solve OEM problem one by one.

Skin Observed System 2.0, the second-generation multifunctional skin analyzer, is a high-tech professional instrument which can analyze skin condition scientifically ,9 skin problem+comprehensive report:

Compared to the first-generation products (products currently on the market), the newest second-generation analyzer has more convenient and compact hardware design which can put your logo in the skin analyzer.

For the first time, the analyzer adopts no-button sensor design, which combines technology with practicability; the system has simple and decent software interface, powerful archives management function, perfect combination of test items and products, and provides multilingual and a variety of professional versions.

skin analyer

Skin Analyzer

1.The main interface after starting the program is shown as the picture

The main interface you can put your Logo,your favorite background color,the word also can be changed.

2.People management 

In fact,this page format can be devided into 3 parts.Please attention! the format can't be modify.But the logo on the upper left corner can changed your brand logo.

The left  customers’ grouped archives "Return" button and "Delect"button can change color.

3.Test page

The model picture on the right can changed into your given model photo.

4.Compositive report 

Compositive report contains summary information of 8 test items, and each item contains test results, causes, expert advice, family care and professional care.

All these report details if you have better advice you can modify.We will send us backstage report to you reference.You need to send back these file to us after you modify .Our engineer will accorrding your need,reset your written content in the software.

5.Single item report 

There are 8 single item reports (to display them, clicking the list on the left successively), and the details of one single item are displayed on the right.

The same as i said above.There is no problem to change the color,the word,the details.Don't change the format is alright.Please tell us and circle where you need to change and what do you want to put in.

6.Skin Magnifier 

It can be used at any time to observe the condition of skin; click “View epidermis”, “View dermis” and “View UV layer” successively, the user can switch three modes automatically when observing the skin.
These 3 modes can't change.

7.Product file 

The description of the products you can add in the App by yourselves.The format can't modify also.

If there are any other details you want to OEM, please contact us.

That will be save your time and our engineer will design belong to your brand private App.

Thinking of your request, customized service is available. Come and wholesale our K19 skin analyzer in stock.