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Beierplasm pen K85 Introduction of four function buttons

Beierplasm pen K85 has a total of four buttons.

Beierplasm Power button:

As long as operator press and hold for 1-2 seconds, it can start the machine.

The boot interface will present the logo.

Operator can design their pattern or design company name.

When operator want to end the treatment,

only need to press and hold for 2-3 seconds to appear “goodbye”, which means shut down.

In addition, the power button is also a level adjustment button.

There are three levels: 1, 2, 3.

The operator can choose the appropriate level and the appropriate frequency for treatment.

Beierplasm pen K85


beierplasm K85 customized requriement

beierplasm K85 customized services special for distributors who order over 6pcs as first order.

K85 beierplasm lift currently signed distributors in Russia, USA, Switzerlands, Sweden, Netherlands, Algeria, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Franch, the Philippines, Kazakhstan and Canada.

Our exclusive contract almost arrive end time, and now looking for new distributors to sign with us. Exclusive will provide logo customized for both machine and box. Also we have region protection. Machine do not post on alibaba or other shopping website until now.

We have designer teams could help

How to judge plasma lift and electronic pen

Plasma lift work with high voltage over 1.5KV. Susch as beierplasm, Plexr etc. Plamsa pen control energy output by voltage, high level plasma such as beierpalsm K85 using voltage plus frequency control output to get more power level and function. Mostly use plasma sine wave, very a little machine may use plasma squre wave such as plasma pen K29 the 2nd generation.
Electronic pen control energy by power output without transformer inside, so it is only electronic shooting. Easy to burn down and cause skin spot after treatment, burn too

Beier injector K02 advantage technique

Beier injector K02 working technique

Beier injector K02 is advanture digital control injection system, with vacuum multi needle ( 9pin needle ). During operation vacuum slightly lifting skin so that needle better insert without hurt to skin dermis and fatty cells. Then syringe deliver serum through needle, and release vacuum. Needle pulling out but serum stay under skin do not cause any waste.
Plastic pipe and bottom tilter stop waste dosage dirty come into machine following vacuum. After some time using could clean pipe and filter and repeat use. Do not need

5D Sculpture Frame Facial Mask

5D Sculpture Frame Facial Mask
5D Sculpture Frame Facial Mask Special for beauty salon and aesthetic clinic use.Even after asesthetic treatment such as micro needling with bleeding could also use 5D sculpture mask, it come with amazing calm down function anti-swell.

Many clients do HIFU treatment,micro needle treatment,RF treatment …ect.

After treatment in a short period collagen soon growing to create firm new produce as original ways and facial structure,5D mask could make a firm scalp and push collagen network rebuild as the way we design so that reach facial tighten and lifting result.

Before cover

Plasma pen operations | beierplasm

The Plasma pen K85, there are two modes: Automatic mode and Manual mode.Auto mode: select in the execution screen.
LEVEL, PULSE, automatically press the fire button.
Each treatment lasts for 25 seconds.
(It means that operator only need to press the fire button once.
each treatment lasts for 25 seconds)Manual mode: select in the execution screen.
LEVEL, PULSE, press the fire button to work.
Sparks, when operator release the button, it will stop working.
When operator keep pressing the button, it will continue to work, this is also maintained for 25 seconds.
(Whether it is a long press or

PDT jet peel machine 6 in 1 function

PDT jet peel using high level biolight instead of traditional LED light to do skin rejuvenation. PDT jet peel is very cool.Machine offer 3 original color light and 7 group color light for whole skin treatment. Below 6 function could work together or seperatly at the same time. If we have enough beautician could work for different clients at the same time.Previous portable machine more pretent one machine one function because mostly machine inside only one motor. However below funcction only jet peel with motor, other treatment could come ture by

plasma pen k85 | beierplasma |


beierplasm pen k85

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