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The unique serial number of Beierplasm pen k85 machine

The unique serial number of Beierplasm pen k85 machine

Each Beierplasm pen k85 passes the qualification test before it has a unique serial number.
It was very convenient for customer management.
All Beierplasm pen machines have a unique serial number.
When you hold down the power button and the frequency button at the same time.
Keeping it for 6 seconds at the same time.
The serial number interface can appear.
This number is the only serial number of Beierplasm pen.
Please write down this number. And save it.
This is very convenient for the most after-sales tracking.
For the warranty,

The new vacuum slimming machine

The new vacuum slimming machine

What about the working principle of Vacuum slimming machine
The vacuum suction cup absorbs the fat accumulation position,
and the low current slowly massages and vibrates to help the muscles move,
thereby achieving the effect of clearing lymphatic channels,
eliminating toxins and eliminating excess fat.

Slimming and cellulite machine is a harmless physical method.
Using a machine probe, the cells of the body are vibrated at high frequency,
allowing the cells to metabolize quickly and the fat to be quickly decomposed and excreted.

Vacuum slimming and cellulite machine uses high frequency high speed detox technology.
In the

Ibeier cellulite removal machine and body slimming machine introduce

cellulite removal machine and body slimming machine

Vortex 40K ultrasonic

In the whole market only our cellulite removal machine using vortex ultrasonic technique. It is one of the smallest tinnitus 40K ultrasonic. Could help for enregy more evenly distributed

40KHz ultrasonic could soon crash fatty cells by high speed vibration. The fatty cells become a lot cells fragmentation could delete out of human body following circulation.

Vacuum + RF

RF help for cells rejuvenation and collagen fiber soon rebuild network to keep body firming. On the other ahand, vacuum promotes fatty cells fragmentation clean out body

2 in 1 quantum skin analyzer equipment

Quantum skin analyzer

Quantum skin analyzer of equipment.
By taking pictures of 6 facial skins, it can instantly analyzer accurate data on oil,
moisture, pigment, pores, elasticity, and skin collagen fibers.
And automatically pop up a dialog box to recommend the relevant balanced grease products.
After testing, it can see the test data and changes in results,
enhance the customer’s confidence in the product and purchase intention.
And after all the projects are analyzed will generate a skin test report and print the report.

8 facial test reports:
skin oiliness
skin texture
collagen level

About the quantum analysis of equipment.
also known as quantum sub-health detectors

What is the Acid peptides mask?

Acid peptides mask ingredients:

Distilled Water, Butylene Glycol,Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid,
EGF, PEG-40  Castor Oil, Glucose,
Silk Protein,Wild Yam Extract and Methylparaben.

Acid peptides mask for moisturizing, whitening,
anti-aging, balanced oil.
The principle of the Acid peptides mask is to temporarily isolate the air
and pollution from the outside by temporarily covering the face, increase the skin temperature, expand the pores of the skin,
promote the secretion and metabolism of the sweat glands,
increase the oxygen content of the skin, and help the skin to exclude the epidermis.
The product of cell metabolism and accumulated oily substances,
the moisture in the mask

Nd:yag pico laser machine

Q-Switch Nd:yag pico laser machine

The picosecond laser is a laser with a pulse width of picosecond.
It has ultra-short pulse width of picosecond,
adjustable repetition frequency and high pulse energy.
It has been widely used in biomedical,
optical parametric oscillation, biomicroscopy and other fields,
and has gradually become a modern biological imaging and analysis system.
An increasingly important tool.
The picosecond laser refers to the picosecond honeycomb laser,
which is what we call laser cleansing!
This uses a 755-wavelength laser with a honeycomb transient lens to focus 70% of the laser energy.
Each laser light provides 10% of the skin’s

Vacuum face cleaning and dermabrasion multi function

Vacuum face cleaning and dermabrasion multi function

Multi function vacuum face cleaning and dermabrasion machine K88 provide 6 function, it is a basic machine for regular beauty salon. Machine price affordable for regular beauty salon, all treatment without bleeding or skin hurt.


For dead skin skin peeling and cleaning, this is the first step to do beauty treatment

Vacuum cleaning

Comparing with dry dermabrassion, vacuum cleaning with liquid flow could better clean pores dirty out and reduce skin hurt.


For serum delivery and active skin so that better absorb further beauty nutriment, also reach

How to use ND yag laser K91 machine to remove tattoo

Do you know What’s ND yag laser K91?

LASER” is the abbreviation of Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which is “excited emission and amplified light.”
Therefore, laser is both a treatment and an enlarged physical process. In the laser beam, all photons are related to each other,
and their frequencies (or wavelengths) are consistent, the phases are consistent, the polarization directions are the same, and the propagation directions are the same.

The laser enamel pigment is a high energy that is instantaneously emitted by a laser, so that the absorbed pigment

What is the EMS Nanocrystallite machine K87

The EMS Nanocrystallite machine.
Painless, non-invasive, no bleeding, immediate effect, instant recovery.
it widely used in cell growth, removing acne, removing wrinkles,
whitening and rejuvenating, moisturizing and so on.

Nanocrystalline nanochips are a breakthrough in the advancement of  IT
and materials science in the field of transdermal serum delivery.
Nanocrystalline nanochips are micro-carved
by high-purity single crystal silicon through nano-micromachining technology.
The tip contact is less than 80 nanometers and the tip height is 80-300 micrometers.
Under the condition of not damaging the skin dermis and ensuring skin integrity,
Penetrating the skin’s most “tough” surface absorbs the barrier stratum corneum,

How to set beierplasm pen K85 energy for different treatment

beierplasm pen K85 setting

Beierplasm pen K85 comes with 3 voltages and 8 frequencies in total. It is a high voltage and small frequency plasma by sine wave principle.

Different countries set same energy may cause a little output different. Temperature, humidity and altitude makes energy not always same in different countries.

But in European, we have very similar standard.

As machine supplier, according to our experience cooperate with training school, provide below suggestion.

Level 1, 100Hz – 200Hz

For acne remove, spider veins remove and stretch marks remove

Level 1, 500Hz – Level 2, 200Hz

Could do

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