How does the frequency of the new Beierplasm pen work with the copper needle

Beierplasm pen has passed countless test parameters,
plasma experts and engineers who finally determined 8 frequencies.
Eight frequencies of Beierplasm pen are sufficient to solve all skin problems and cover all low to medium to high grade adjustments.
10 Hz, 25 Hz, 50 Hz, 75 Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz, 200 Hz, 500 Hz.Mainly for the treatment of eye and face lifting, ecchymosis, sputum, wrinkles, acne, acne pits, sputum spots and so on.
When the operator sets the energy level, the frequency needs to be adjusted.
On the one hand, the more frequency of adjusting the machine, the more spark of Beierplasm pen.
This is mainly for areas where skin treatment is too large, dark skin spots.
Of course, when the operator is using large frequencies,it can save on treatment time.
Beierplasm pen
On the other hand, the smaller the frequency of the adjustment machine, the smaller spark of the Beierplasm pen.
This is suitable for treating small areas.
After treating the large frequency, operator can use a small frequency to trim the edges to achieve complete treatment of the entire site.
The consumables use copper needles as a carrier and are sterilized by multiple procedures,
which are in compliance with safety testing standards.
The production line is strictly controlled, and the copper needles of Beierplasm are individually packaged one by one.Copper needles of Beierplasm have high electrical and thermal conductivity, which is enough to accept enough energy.
The copper needle concentrates and focuses the energy emitted by the Beierplasm pen.
And the operator can precisely target each treatment site.
The copper needle of Beierplasm pen can accept these 8 frequencies, corresponding to a rapid response and forming a faster docking of the skin epidermis.
The skin's wounds heal quickly and automatically,
which the diameter is very small even 0.02mm.
The emission energy of the plasma acts as a conductor through the copper needle and acts on the skin efficiently.