How to set beierplasm pen K85 energy for different treatment

beierplasm pen K85 setting

Beierplasm pen K85 comes with 3 voltages and 8 frequencies in total. It is a high voltage and small frequency plasma by sine wave principle.

Different countries set same energy may cause a little output different. Temperature, humidity and altitude makes energy not always same in different countries.

But in European, we have very similar standard.

beierplasm pen K85
As machine supplier, according to our experience cooperate with training school, provide below suggestion.

Level 1, 100Hz – 200Hz

For acne remove, spider veins remove and stretch marks remove

Level 1, 500Hz – Level 2, 200Hz

Could do eyelid lifting, small spot remove, pigmentation removal and wrinkle remove.

 beierplasm pen K85

Level 2, 200Hz – Level 2, 500Hz

It is the best energy for wrinkle remove and eyelid lifting treatment. Especially in UK, will highly recommend use this energy to do normal treatment

Level 3, 15Hz – Level 3, 200Hz

For spot remove and dark wrinkle removal.

Level 3, 500Hz

It is the max power beierplasm K85 could provide, only special spot / mole treatment need this energy, In normal do not recommend use it to do treatment.

beierplasm pen K85

About beierplasm K85 acupuncture needle / lifting needle

As we know there are many beauty machine use EMS ( high voltage and small electronic ) principle to do treatment. But beierplasm is high voltage and small frequency. Output power more soft, plasma sine wave output plus bigger size touch skin will not cause hurt.

There are three size metal cartridges, it is made as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture therapy. Metal needle could work on lymph to do dredge usage. Recommend energy from Level 1, 500Hz – Level 2, 500Hz

Shark needle: work on facial and neck wrinkle
Round needle: work eyes around use, could help for serum delivery and blood vessel circulation.
Flat needle: whole face and body lifting, could use it to deliver cosmetics as well.

beierplasm pen K85