beierplasm K85 customized requriement

beierplasm K85 customized services special for distributors who order over 6pcs as first order.

K85 beierplasm lift currently signed distributors in Russia, USA, Switzerlands, Sweden, Netherlands, Algeria, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Franch, the Philippines, Kazakhstan and Canada.

Our exclusive contract almost arrive end time, and now looking for new distributors to sign with us. Exclusive will provide logo customized for both machine and box. Also we have region protection. Machine do not post on alibaba or other shopping website until now.

We have designer teams could help for logo design if you don't know how to do it. Over 6pcs could make machine programm OEM. Over 100pcs will provide leather box customized. For small countries, this quantity provide exclusive for 6 month.


Beierplasm specification

K85 beierplasm lift is the first continuous shooting machine in the world. It solve other machine battery and charging not enough problem. Also using best PCB and plasma sine wave protect market will not over heating.

Shooting fire temperature over 2000 degree centigrade. Work by high votlage and small frequency so that energy coming deeper but not hurt around skin.

Comparing with other plasma pen such as K29 and K80. The continuous shooting function save at least a half treatment time and more smoother on operation. Smaller dot could reduce recover time as well. In normal one week could completely get result and redness disappear.


About electronic pen and plasma pen

Electronic pen do not raise temperature to very high so wound will bleeding after treatment. Any infection easy to leave scars and black dot. Besides, the energy do not reach deeper, skin burn skin surface. So it is for spot remove but not for eyelid and wrinkle remove.

On the contrast, plasma pen could soon rasie temperature to over 2000 degree centigrade so get wound carbonization. Small frequency avoid hurt other skin tissue so that arrive treatment improvement by safety ways.