2 in 1 quantum skin analyzer equipment

Quantum skin analyzer

quantum skin analyzer
Quantum skin analyzer of equipment.
By taking pictures of 6 facial skins, it can instantly analyzer accurate data on oil,
moisture, pigment, pores, elasticity, and skin collagen fibers.
And automatically pop up a dialog box to recommend the relevant balanced grease products.
After testing, it can see the test data and changes in results,
enhance the customer's confidence in the product and purchase intention.
And after all the projects are analyzed will generate a skin test report and print the report.

8 facial test reports:
skin oiliness
skin texture
collagen level

About the quantum analysis of equipment.
also known as quantum sub-health detectors and quantum sub-health detection systems,
convert pulse signals and blood signals from acupuncture points
and wrists in the body to the corresponding biological data.
Compare this data to the normal values in the computer's massive database to determine
if the topic is healthy.
The detection process is not sampled, non-invasive, easy to learn, accurate and reliable.
The inspection system automatically saves the tester's files
and test data to a computer or print so that the treatment can be checked regularly and always.

10 Body test reports:
body hormone
Endocrine system
immune system
body collagen
body heavy metal
body toxin
sperm and semen
body composition